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Volunteering in Kenya - einfach, übersichtlich, abwechslungsreich

      Volunteering in Kenya - einfach, übersichtlich, abwechslungsreich

      understand that finding a suitable volunteering organization can be a very
      difficult job. If you are looking for an impactful, transparent, active and
      diverse organization established and run by local people you might be
      interested in Kipepeo! With the goal of
      improving their local community, this affordable volunteering opportunity will
      allow you to live in rural, Western Kenya while working, learning and
      experiencing the local culture.


      Community Empowerment Program is a community based organization whose aim is to
      empower, inform and improve the standards of living of the local communities of
      Emuhaya District in Western Kenya. It was started in 2009 by three young Kenyan
      men and has been growing to reach out to more and more people since then.
      Kipepeo works on a wide range of projects including; a Kindergarten where we
      teach and feed over 40 children (mainly orphans) every day, extremely cheap
      computer training that serves to empower people through the use of technology,
      microfinance and business training for local village groups, educational talks
      in rural schools, rehabilitation of street children... Kipepeo is run by
      volunteers, most of them local but we also welcome international volunteers.
      International volunteers bring a different perspective and perhaps new skills
      and knowledge so we are very happy when we receive volunteers from abroad.

      WORLD OF

      Recently we
      have started the World of Kipepeo project which consists of a new web page primarily
      targeted towards international volunteers and helping them in the process of
      becoming a volunteer at Kipepeo. It has information about Kipepeo, step by step
      guidance to join and assistance from former volunteers.

      Start your
      adventure now and have a look on www.world-of-kipepeo.org

      Für mehr Information antworte hier oder schreib an austria@world-of-kipepeo.org