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About Me
I am in a Boarding School for gifted children and plan to have a short exchange preferably in northern Italy. I will be 12 during my exchange in 2019 but I am in the last year of "scuola secondaria di primo grado", because I skipped grades. However, as I am a complete beginner in Italian and still very young, I would like to attend local primary school. I speak English, German and French. I will stay one month, but you can stay longer. We have a big house with a garden, not far from an international airport and international train station. My parents can collect you when you arrive. You will have your own room and bathroom. It is fine if you are older, but you must have a younger sister, so we can attend the school together.
I am also interested in exchange offers from Beijing, because I am learning Chinese (HSK3). My parents welcome English guest students too.
Sorry, no boys please, my parents check my messages.
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Math, piano, reading, sailing